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Trans 58...One Call Does it All!


See how Trans 58 can take care of all your shipping needs!




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How can you do the work of two people? 

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Your time is limited!

It takes time to call 5 or 10 different carriers... to check availability, get rates, compare costs, worry about quality, and make a decision on who will ship your goods to your customer. In fact, it probably takes two people to get it all done in a timely fashion.

So, how can you do work of two people?  Outsource your transportation shipments to Trans 58! You'll gain efficiency and quality. And you'll be able to spend your scarce time adding value for your customer, and making the other operations of your business run smoother, more efficient, and more profitable.

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It's not enough to get the lowest rate!

Our job at Trans 58 is to get you the best quality rate for your shipment. It's not very efficient or effective to get you the lowest rate, if a less-than-stellar carrier performs the job below quality standards.  You risk either losing the customer, or having to spend double the amount of time (and money) making that customer happy again.

We use our experience and industry contacts to work with the best quality carriers, to make sure your load gets there on time for maximum customer satisfaction.

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We Specialize in:


  • Vans -Flatbeds – Refrigerated Trailers

  • Less-Than-Truckload

  • Truckload Shipments

  • Rail Shipments

  • Heavy Haul and Over Dimensional

  • Team Service

  • Expedited Service

  • US, Canada and Mexico

  • Coast to Coast Service



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How does Trans 58 differ from its competitors?



At Trans 58, we know that meeting customer needsday in and day outis the only way to do business. Every single shipment we handle gets the individual attention is deserves. We keep your reputation intact by providing your customers with the very best service available in the industry. So if you're looking for a company that's dedicated to meeting your transportation needs, look no further. Trans 58 is here to serve you. And here are just a few examples how...


  • Coverage: Trans 58 is a logistics provider serving the continental United States, Canada and Mexico.

  • Power: We work closely with North America's top dry van, refrigerated, and flat bed carriers, to offer competitive rates on LTL and truck load shipments - including expedited deliveries.

  • Innovation: Trans 58 continually analyzes the transportation industry from every angle, and finds efficient, creative ways to get its customer's product to market.

  • Flexibility: We know that each customer is different. Listening and responding to individual customer needs enables Trans 58 to provide the best service in the business.

  • Dedication: Trans 58 is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers. Trans 58 works hard to give its customers shipping peace of mind.

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We Service All Points!

US, Canada and Mexico

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"Trans 58 always comes through in a pinch!! Rates almost always beat the "big" trucking companies and they have proven to be a very cost effective resource for us. Everyone at Trans 58 is helpful, pleasant and prompt with responses."


"From day one, Trans 58 has made the process of shipping a little easier for me!  With one call, I can rest assured that my shipper and client are taking care of.  There is no need for me to "baby sit" Trans 58 - leaving me time to concentrate on other aspects of my job.  Any day to day shipping problems are handled with ease, and I can leave at 5:00pm, knowing I do not have to worry about my shipments!"



"I work for a company that uses Trans 58 all the time.  Trans 58 has a pretty good sense of direction and management. They are always trying to get the job done for me.  There trucks are always  on time and they don't charge you an arm and a leg."


"From everyday turns to emergencies , Trans 58 is responsive, committed, and thorough with all  our transportation  needs. From ownership to the newest employee ,  I feel as if  we receive a personal touch seldom seen in today’s fast - paced world. You 'll  get the feeling that Trans 58 is a division of your own company with a 24 - hour commitment to service and quality."


"I just wanted you to know what a wonderful addition you are to our list of carriers in the office. We have actually moved you straight to the top - first choice!  I  appreciate the fact that if you tell me you are going to pick it up, then you get it picked up.  So often in our business people tell you "Sure, I can pick it up" and then the next day I spend all day scrambling to find a truck.  I truly thank you for your excellent service to my plants. Keeping them happy is he most important part of my job. You have positively made my job easier and you represent what we are about all about. Honesty - Trust  and Dependability!!!"



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Trans 58        P.O. Box 727 Edinboro, PA 16412     PH #: (800) 685-7671 or  (814) 734-5847     Fax #: (814) 734-8920 

     MC# 236994