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About Us



Since 1990, Trans 58 has set a standard for performance unmatched by larger firms. We are professional, reliable, competitive and have the financial strength to match. This is how we earn your trust and the privilege to arrange your transportation.


There are plenty of carriers who want your business and are willing to promise almost anything to get it. At Trans 58 we want your business too. But we pride ourselves in putting performance ahead of promises. We consistently meet our commitments and achieve outstanding levels of customer satisfaction.


Planning and communication is the key to customer satisfaction. We keep our shippers and carriers informed. We know when a load is picked up, its progress in transit and when it will deliver. If there is a change, you will hear about it from us first.


As a growing third-party transportation provider we offer more than a finite number of trucks. Coupled with experience, it is our knowledge and ability that can make a difference when capacity is tight. We can establish new traffic lanes just about anywhere and are well positioned to pickup and deliver your freight-whether itís going across the state or across the nation.


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Feel free to contact us!


Write to us at:


P.O. Box 727

Edinboro, PA 16412


Call us at:


Phone: 814-734-5847

Toll free: 800-685-7671

Fax: 814-734-8920


Email us at:







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Meet The

Trans 58 Staff


Frank Concoby

President/General Manager

Email: frank@trans58.com

814-240-6580 direct

Paul Kostovick

Vice President/Dispatch Manager

Email: paul@trans58.com

814-240-6582 direct

John Ochs


Email: john@trans58.com

814-240-6588 direct

Elizabeth Sweeney


Email: elizabeth@trans58.com

814-240-6584   direct

Ginny Foster

Email: ginny@trans58.com

814-240-6585 direct




Dawn Wyman

Accounts receivable/payable

Email: dawn@trans58.com

814-240-6590 direct

Pat Seneca


Email: pat@trans58.com

814-240-6589 direct

Robyn Swab


Email: robyn@trans58.com

814-240-6587 direct

Mark Shettler

Email: mark@trans58.com

814-240-6583 direct

Adam Gilmore

Email: adam@trans58.com

814-240-6591 direct


Ron Ehrman

Email: ron@trans58.com

814-240-6581 direct


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Trans 58        P.O. Box 727 Edinboro, PA 16412     PH #: (800) 685-7671 or  (814) 734-5847     Fax #: (814) 734-8920 

     MC# 236994